Friday, March 13, 2009

Blogger Friday #2

I karate chopped a banana in a hole because I'm cool like that.

Blogger Friday #1

This Spring Break I'm going to the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo as an Exhibitor for a pig. I'll be down there all week because I go in the first wave and my brother goes in the second. It won't be that bad because there is a lot of stuff to do but it's not my ideal spring break.
Now my ideal spring break would be to go some and just rest...pretty much I just want to stay home and do nothing.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Human Interest Stories

A Nashville real estate investor didn't know he was giving away a valuable piece of artwork when he donated a painting he found in his parents' storage bin to the Goodwill.

The 100-year-old Ellsworth Woodward water color wound up fetching $8,101 on the Goodwill's auction Web site.

The painting of a wooden ship moored at a harbor off the Isle of Capri in Italy belonged to the parents of Speed Thomas, according to WKRN-TV in Nashville.

A letter from the artist attached to the back of the frame said its original price was $75 at the San Francisco Fair.

Thomas didn't know that Woodward, a Massachusetts native who later moved to New Orleans, was a well-known 19th- and early 20th-century painter who was part of the "Arts and Crafts" movement, WKRN said.

So he took the water color and letter to one of the drop-off locations of the Goodwill of Middle Tennessee.

A local manager of, Susan McCullen, said she was sifting through the warehouse when she saw the edge of the painting's gold frame sticking out of a bin.

McCullen did some research on the artist and discovered the value of his work.

A Boston buyer, whose name wasn't disclosed, purchased "Felluca Capri" at the charity's online auction site late Sunday, said Goodwill of Middle Tennessee Suzanne Kay-Pittman.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Alphabet Story

A very long time ago there was a kid who wasn't very cool in fact he is an anathema.

Brice was his name and everyone made fun of him in Coach Stephens class.

Coach Stephens was sitting at his desk grading papers when Brice started Chaos by asking dumb question.

Decidingly everyone started beat him up so he would be quiet.

Eventually he decided to be quiet.

Finally after class he went into the hall and everyone scattered as he made his way to his truck.

God forbid he has a license he only got it after a long altercation with the DMV.

How ever it did come with a cost he had to wear a helmet because they declared him a driving retard.

Incidentally he forgot to go to lunch detention where Mr. Waldron was waiting.

Just because he forgot.

"Kindness is a virtue" is what he told Waldron when he went to the office.

"Let me live" he said to try to cajole him.

Mr. Waldron said "Your cries fall on deaf ears" as he gave him a swat.

Now Brice abhors him.

Oftenly Mr. Waldron jokes with Brice.

Pausing after the swat he left and went to the bathroom to see the after math.

Quietly he went back to class.

Repeatedly his friends made fun of him.

So he said everyone is not cool except for Andrew who is super cool.

Though no one paid attention.

Underneath everyone wanted to cry though.

Violently everyone began to laugh at him.

When everyone calmed down Camden was still laughing and not looking where he was going and tripped.

X-raying it they found nothing was broken.

You know Brice and only some of this is true.

Zany and a not true story.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Its a Dogs World

That's almost me except picture me with some wrinkles, all black, and a curious personality. I've only been at the house I'm at for a couple of weeks maybe a month. I arrived a day before Christmas I was supposed to be a present for Josh.

He's my master he is short compared to every one else except for this little girl named Claire; she is his sister and she calls me Googly Bear some times and terrorizes me, and I run to mom for safty.
The person I see most though is this giant behemoth he ususally come home around 5 and lets me out to use the restroom and I like to torment him by chewing on his stuff and using the restroom on his carpet it really makes him mad so he usually takes me out to prevent it.

Ohhh... and they have another dog he's a big furry one unlike me. His name is Midnight and he is usually laying outside and I go and get him up and chase him around the yard and drive him crazy, but I don't know why he doesn't like me, hmmm.

But my favorite out of all the things but he is my bitter rival is Nibbler!!! He is a Ferret and is a little smaller than me. He and I wrestle all the time when Andrew the Giant gets him out. I chase him around and he will hide under the dressers and the sneaky rat Nibbler is he will pull a sneak attack on my flank, but I've caught on and now I patrol both sides. And yet he still manages to get me. Not only is he sneaky but he is ferousious with his quick and nimble speed and sharp claw and teeth he darts and attack and usually grabs my lip with his teeth and I yelp. But the thing he allways gets me with is his charge he runs full speed and jumps and spreads his paws out and grapples my back and bites down hard. The least I have to say about it is I've never beat him, but i will I'm still growing and he isn't so one of these days I'll beat him, but he is my favorite we play for hours.

Here I have a good life everyone loves me and cares for me and the best thing is I never run out of food, and I learned a trick when ever they say sit that means they have food and all I have to do is well... sit and get feed. My family is the best and I love them.

Friday, December 19, 2008